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Cathy De Lorenzo


There are many things aside from choosing the RIGHT Realtor you must consider when Selling your home. We tend to become accustom to the way our Home looks smells and feels because hey…it’s our Home and all of our “Stuff” is in it.   It’s our comfort spot.  But….when potential Buyers come through we don’t want them to see OUR comfort spot, we want them to see theirs.  In my experience, the BEST way to see things from a Buyers perspective is to THINK like a Buyer.  Some tips:

  1. Keep it simple:  Don’t remove EVERY personal item but downsize…maybe 12 pictures of your family is 10 to many 🙂
  2. Invest in some room deodorizers….Febreeze fabric and air spray in Linen is a great example of a clean smell.
  3. Declutter:  I tell this to all my Seller’s-you are moving.  Start packing up boxes of things you don’t use everyday including excess books, clothing, knick knacks, kitchen decor-you get the point.  Store the boxes neatly in a spare room, the garage, or if possible a storage unit.
  4. Dust.  Dust your light fixtures, ceiling fans, behind the T.V., pictures in frames.  Clean. Everything.
  5. Put lights on when possible if you are having a showing.  It really does help the house look brighter and cleaner.
  6. Clean up your yard!  Pull weeds, lay mulch (inexpensive) and clear away debris and any other items not associated with outside or patio furnishings.
  7. If you can touch up paint inside and out and make any smaller, deferred maintenance repairs this will help ALOT!
  8. If you can visit either Online or in person some homes, like yours, that are on the market do it. You must know your competition and look at it through the eyes of the Buyer.  Yes, you have 300 sq ft more BUT that home has a pool, new roof and better view.  All of this matters and your home has to compete with what is on the market NOW.

*The most import thing you can do as a Seller is allow showings even if it is sometimes inconvenient.  Buyers, and Agents, are fickle. Even if the house is not Perfect it’s better to say Yes to a showing than No.  Sometimes no is a missed opportunity.


Click here for some GREAT Staging ideas from HGTV


Out of Town Sellers:

Many times it is not possible for the owner of a property to physically be here before, during or after the sale process.  This is easily remedied with an experienced Agent.  All paperwork and exchange of information is now done online and through Electronic Signatures-from Listing paperwork to Contract for Sale ( we also can  use “Snail Mail” if preferred or more comfortable!).  Everything from staging, cleaning, photo’s, showings, inspections, all of it can be handled by me.  You don’t even have to be here for the Closing as that can easily be done remotely.  In the state of Florida, properties typically close between 30-45 days after effective date and once the paperwork is signed, Title is transferred and money exchanged  the Buyers take procession.  There is NO wait or lag time.